What does MediaFocus Offer?

What we do

We work with individuals and businesses that want to build more then just a company. And want to scale and open bigger opportunities for themselves and others.

We wanna help people achieve they're dreams and goals. And there's nothing better than to create a community that are not only fans of their work but are also like minded.

We focus on creating a long term brand for individuals and businesses by creating entertaining and educational content.

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how it works

Schedule A Call

Get clear on what you want for your business, then schedule a free call so we can discuss your plan.

Pre Plan

After booking our first call, we will then have a second call to pre plan our first project together and make sure we discuss every detail so things go smoothly.


After having a plan, we will schedule a shoot that works best for both of us. We will shoot the content, make sure everything gets done, and then edit the video.


After the video is complete, we will make sure you are happy and satisfied with the final results. We will send you the final video with the highest quality and that's it we've completed a successful project. :)

Meet the founder

"Hey there, my name is Mauricio and my goal for this company is to help individuals and businesses build a long term brand. I think social media is gonna be a new way for professionals to market their business and attract new clients. People do business with you when they know, like, & trust you. And by creating educational and entertaining content you will attract an audience who are a fan of your content. Turning your followers into a community."

-Mauricio Celis

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